The institute provide them with ample opportunities to do and to learn, to explore and to discover, to change and to influence.
Well equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer & Electronics have been arranged in the school. They are under the charge of qualified staff and lab. Assistant.
This facility has enabled the student to perform experiment, individually, under the supervision of teachers.
At the middle level, experiments are demonstrated in the classrooms.
Art gives expression to our aesthetic abilities. Today, it is important for students to be imaginative, creative and think out of the box. To develop these artistic skill sets in its students, The institute offers a number of different art activities as per class level.
These include :

  • Printing – Jute, leaf, vegetable, spray & blow print
  • Painting – Glasses painting, Oil painting, marble painting, thumb painting & finger painting


  • Clay modeling, soft toys, pottery college work, face mask embroidery, Stitching, gardening etc.

Students get firstaid in the school Medical room, in the case of illness or accident, free of cost. In the major injuries or minor illness the students are escorted to hospital by conveyance and the parents are informed accordingly.
The sports curriculum is designed according to the needs of the different age groups. In the pre-primary and primary classes emphasis is laid on the development of gross motors skill, physical stamina, flexibility, balance, strength, hygiene overcoming physical fears and hesitations and the development of team play.
Indoor facilities are made available for Chess, Caroms and gymnasium. Outdoor sports include Basket ball, Badminton, Cricket, football and athletics. Senior students participated in Boxing, Taekwondo, Weightlifting, Rifle shooting, Skating, Swimming at state level.
S.S. High School & Jr. College also has a grand set – up of computers starting from Class I to Class XII. The school has two labs for practical work, one is for classes I to VIII and other is for classes IX to XII. The school is running computer education as per the guidelines set by education board.
The lab is fully equipped with hardware and software resources. The school has latest configuration computers. For hardware maintenance an engineer has been assigned the responsibilities.
The school is trying to import computer education in such a way that after school days, the youth of India may fulfill the growing needs of Information Technology and industry to help the nation in every possible way.

  • The School has a well equipped a airy, spacious Library. The use of the Library will be strictly regulated by library card.
  • Books issued for study at home must be returned on or before the due date mentioned on their issue slip.
  • In case of late return, a fine of Rs. 10 for the first three days and Rs. 5 per day there after (including holidays will have to be paid).
  • Any dampen to the books will be dealt with seriously.
  • Complete silence and strict discipline must be maintained in the Library Hall.
  • Library will function as per notified timings.


  • A clean, bright and spacious environment with adequate play material, swings and attractive walls will hook each child to his class room.
  • A large play area and large well – lit rooms, hygienic washrooms sized for little one.
  • The furniture in the classrooms with smooth edges so that eve if the child jumps alone in class doesn‟t get hurt. Safety of a child is a paramount, each child is handed over to the parents or authorized person by a teacher or staff members asses the send off of the children.

Transport (Look bus rules)

  • Bus service have to be availed for the whole year.
  • Bus facility can be availed only after filing the requisite form & payment of the bus fees.
  • The parents have to make the arrangement for their children to board the bus & collect them form the specified stops.
  • Irregular payment of bus fees or trouble causing children will not be permitted to use the bus services.
  • The bus fees have to be paid along with the school fees.
  • In case the bus does not reach home on time, Please contact on 65143700 the school office.
  • The School authority will try it almost to provide regular Bus Service. The parents are requested to bear with us in unforeseen condition, if the bus service is disturbed.


  • Flexible Learning
  • Competitive exam

Scholarship Exam for Std – IV
M.T.S Exam Std- III
Hindi Prathmik Exam for Std- IV
Maths Concept for Std – V
Lower level Marathi Grade Exam. V-X
Hindi Prarambhik Exam for Std VI
M.T.S Exam for Std- VI
High School Scholarship Exam for Std – VIII
Hindi Pravesh Exam for Std – VII
National Science Olympiad for Std VIII- IX
Maharashtra State Elementary/ Intermediate (Std – VII Onwards)

The Spacious & comfortable library offers a congenial and dynamic environment for conducting academic work study and research. If offers a fine collection of books, reference books and technical journals and magazines all of which are arranged in a neat and organized, subject-wise manner for easy access and quick retrieval.
The college has a A.H / S.H useful for project presentation, student council meeting, workshop & as well as for various activities conducted by students.
Canteen – The canteen offers fresh snacks at subsidized prices.
Dear Parents and Guardians
You are seeking admission for your child in S.S.(Swami shukdevanand) School. We wish to be of maximum service to you in this regard. As you are very well aware, the number of seats is limited and the admission seekers are numerous. The admission is based on successfully completing certain admission formalities and procedure. This is a general notice.

Admission to Nursery Approx — candidates will be selected.
Admission to Jr. Kg. Approx— candidates will be selected.
Admission to Sr. Kg. Approx — candidates will be selected.
Admission to Std – I Approx— candidates will be selected.

  • Registration forms will be available January.
  • Exact date of availability will be notified through a notice on the school notice board / school web site.
  • Receiving the Registration form or going through the admission procedure does not guarantee admission.
  • Admission to Class 2 to 8 are subject to vacancies due to withdrawal from school as such the seats are very limited availability of seats will be made known through school notice board / school website.
  • Admission to class XI is open to a limited number of students only parents who desire to get their child admitted must fill in the application form available in the school office.
  • The form must be submitted to the school fee counter within said days.
  • You need to apply only if you have read the prospectus of the school / college, and if you are satisfied with the admission procedure.

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