Future Plan

  • With State board test some of the CBSE books too should be introduced such as Grammar, Rapid Reader & E.V.S.
  • Science Quiz for coming year
    To bring interest in student their should be science corner (two) one for primary level other for secondary level. Science Quiz is held 3 times in a year. Science corner will aware the students or prepare the students for the Quiz.
  • General Awareness
    General knowledge competition is also conducted 2 times in a year same way like Science corner their should be G.K corner too.
  • Projector to be installed
    Especially Social studies and General Science Ls should be explained with the help of projector C.D‟s based on topic should be made available.
  • To Increase in working hrs of Pre-primary section.
    Jr. Kg timing should be 8.30 – 11.30am
    Sr. Kg. timing should be 8.30 – 12.00pm
    Nursery 10.30 – 1.00pm
    Due to less time, talk time, story time, phonetics cannot be taken.
    So as to improve the pronunciation and to remove fear from the child extra hours should be given. This extra hrs can help to conduct interaction between students and teacher.
  • To increase vocabulary
    Grammar worksheet for I – VIII should be printed, Assignment based on Grammar should be more and file should be maintained by the students.
    A Team of teachers should be prepared to set examination papers.
  • Primary ( I – IV)
    A teacher according to their subjects should rotate in other divisions too.
  • Planner (Exam wise & Unit test wise)
    Planner of exam & test should be prepared by teacher in advance of each test & exam. It will help the teacher to gather the require teaching Aids this pattern will make the lesion effective and the child can be mould to put their interest in particular subjects.
  • Counselling Room
    A well-experienced counselor should be appointed. A room for counseling should be separate. Regular counseling will bring important in problem in some child and it will also help the students who are below Average.
  • Fun & Fair
    To have a big get together & to collect fund school can organize fun & fair with the help of scout/guide students of all the 3 schools. Stalls can be given on [games, dance, commentary shots, puppet show, magic, can be a part of fun & fair]
  • Advance training
    Disaster Management : (Fire brigade, Earthquake, Bomb blast, Saving water, water purification or Documentary film on environment)
    This type training will bring the awareness not only in the student but it aware the parents too because message of training will be conveyed by the students to their parents.
  • News paper cutting
    (One) A book to be maintained by students (Duties of house captain week wise) and should be kept in parents‟ visiting/waiting hall.
  • Cleaning (Housekeeping)
  • Science Park
  • Amusement Park for Pre-Primary
  •  School’s prospectus
    It will helps the parents to know about school in brief and they will be aware of school‟s rules and academic activities.
  • Audio Visual Room
    Power point presentation subject wise C.D should be prepared and a continuous process of each subject can be shown class wise. Once in a week a day can be consider as Audio Visual day. Teacher of particular subject as to plan out the activities and to work out for the following days.
  • Extra activities
    Extra activities such as skilling, classical dance, vocal music, Taekwondo etc. Prepare the children for their overall development. This can be takes every day dividing them in different groups. This activities should be a part of curriculum.
  • Phonetic classes
    To improve vocabulary of the students phonetic classes should be made compulsory for all the students of Std – I & Std – II
  • Surprise Test
    To take feedback of explanation of each subjects their should be surprise test of 10 marks after 20th of each month. This will make the Teaching – learning process prefect and effective.
  • Books set for Pre-primary
    2 Long of 200pgs divided into two parts red blue line / square line plus 1 file should be provided. All books should be distributes from the class itself in the month of June.
  • Black board Work
    A permanent margin and attendance column should be opened on B.B. Thought / Any 3 new word with meaning should be written on B.B daily. This will create an interest to open a dictionary among the students.
  • Puppet show (By teachers/Students)
    A show based on nature
    A show based on animal planet
    A show based on Ancient History
  • Project Demon’s on
    Our helpers and Shelters.
    i.e fishermen, Policemen etc./ Post office fire bridge etc.
    fruit seller / Vegetable seller / Green Grocer
  • Language Exhibition
    Various topics included reading, writing speaking and listening competencies can be display.
    Environment – Difference between ancient med ivied & Modern (Nature)
  • To prepare Maths Lab
    Things require –
    1) Measurement scale (vertical horizontal)
    2) Shapes
    3) size
    4) Faces
    5) Number blocks 0 – 9 (3 sets)
  • To inculcate good value
    A format to asses themselves with one folder should be given to the students at the very first day of school. At the end of the academic it should be evaluated and a kind of appreciation certificate should be given with prize.

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