School Initiative

Schooling being the formative years of a child‟s personality requires overall development focus. At the Institute the overall personality development is encouraged through participation in extra co-curricular activities. A systematic effort is drawn up for multi faceted development of children through participation in the following club.

  • Cultural club
  • Arts club
  • Sports club
  • Life skills club

Children participate in these clubs on every working/1st & 3rd Saturdays.
Activities conducted in these clubs help developing creative thinking skills fine skills & speech & language development.
Each child learns various activities in his or her club for five weeks and in the sixth weeks get an opportunity to participate in Inter house competitions.
The club participation is on relational basis. This ensures that the children are able to join all the clubs over a period of year, thereby ensuring enhanced exposure to extra co-curricular learning.
List of School Parliament/ Council

Sr. No Category Student‟s Name Class
1 School head boy  Atharva D.Salvi   IV-B
2 School head girl  Sana V. Thorat                            IV-D
3 Vice head boy
4 Vice head girl  
5 Sports captain    
6 Blue house captain
7 Blue house vice captain
8 Red house captain
9 Red house vice captain
10 Yellow house captain
11 Yellow house vice captain
12 Green house captain
13 Green house vice captain
Cultural Fests
1. Literary Events
2. Quiz Competitions
3. Public Speaking Contest
4. Sports Meet
5. Fancy Role Plays
6. T.V Anchoring
7. Composing Collapse
8. Model Making
9. Field work

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